‎”Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” Welsh Proverb

Twelve years ago I was blessed to become a grandmother for the first time. She was a true gift from God for me. I almost lost her last year, but God gave her back, just as perfect as she was before.  She was in my thoughts as I worked on tiles for the Diva Challenge  – mono tangle tiles using only Paradox.  It is one of my favorite tangles because it takes a lot of focus and concentration.  Since I am not much of a cook anymore, I thought a tangled cake would be in order and the tangle is fitting.  Our girl is very much a paradox these days as the wild mood swings of the pre-teen years take hold.  That’s okay, she’ll grow out of them and we are ever grateful she has that opportunity.

I am such a lucky Kacki to have my Maggie Moe. Love you my Mags! Happy Birthday!