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“Sometimes I think my life would make a great TV movie.  It even has the part where they say, ‘Stand by. We are experiencing temporary difficulties.’ “~Robert Brault



My Zentangle habit has been on standby for quite some time due to a shoulder injury that just refuses to cooperate with modern medicine.  I have been busy booking some fun things for myself to do in the meantime.  Hope springs eternal and my shoulder has till August to get with the program.  I’ll be attending the upcoming CZT Workshop in Providence, RI with Rick and Maria.  I can’t wait to spend some time with them and the next class of CZT’s.  About a week later, I’ll be hanging out in Dallas for a long weekend with fellow CZT’s sharing knowledge and ideas at a workshop hosted by CZT Angie Vangalis.  I’ve also contracted with LSU to teach two Zentangle classes for their Leisure Class program in October.


With all that coming up, I’ve decided to work through the pain and get back to tangling.  You might say I’ve augmented my ongoing physical therapy.  It takes me a long time and I’m working at larger scales (experiencing vision problems too) but I’m happy to have my Sakura pen in my left hand – tangling away on this week’s Diva Challenge.


Laura Harms challenged us to use the tangle Cadent this week.  While it doesn’t have to be a monotangle effort, there is something to be gained when you push the tangle as far as you can go on a single piece.  I really like Cadent.  It appeals to the orderly piece of my brain with its grid-like organization, with a little twist of whimsy in the curved line connections.  I struggle with tangleations on this one though.  I think it’s because I like the tangle so much just as it is.  For my challenge, I decided to see what would happen if I used Cadent “in the round” with circles as my strings.  This little deviation made a big difference as I began to think about how I would change each iteration and a technique I will use again when I find myself on standby.



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