Geaux Tigers!

“There cannot be a crisis next week.  My schedule is already full.”  Henry A. Kissinger

A few years ago a friend was describing the various criteria she used in shopping for a new car.  This very intelligent, no-nonsense woman went on at length about the importance of a good cup holder.  Her experience was that most were just too small for a “Big Gulp” and that was unacceptable to her.  I teased her about it at the time, but she never wavered from her convictions.  Fast forward to this week…

My week was booked solid with appointments starting at 8:30 and running through to 5 pm and beyond.  On Thursday morning, exhausted and stressed from the intense schedule, I noticed my husband prowling around the house – searching.  When asked, he explained he was worried about his Mom getting in his truck.  He was taking her for a doctor’s appointment that day so he was searching for something to help her step up and into the truck. His Mom had a stroke some years ago and his concern was well founded as her mobility is not very good.  I suggested we trade vehicles for the day – he could take my car and I would take his truck.  Problem solved — for him.

I hate driving the “Bubba Truck” and should have known I was in trouble as I struggled to climb into the truck in the skirt I was wearing that day.  Hubby leans in and warns me: “Now this is a FORD truck.  Remember there is about a 3 second lag when you shift to reverse.”  Yeah, yeah, I won’t be driving in reverse.  I am a little early, so I decide to stop for my favorite drink, a 44 oz. diet coke from Sonic.  It’s not the drink, but the ice that I love – plus it lasts all day and I needed the caffeine.  I rumble into the local Sonic and order my drink.  Uh-oh, no wallet in my purse, no money, no license.  Hubby had taken it out looking for a gas card.  Paying the carhop with all the loose change I could scrounge in my purse, I head back home to get my wallet.  As I turned out of the drive thru, my 44 oz drink went airborne, covering the passenger side of the truck, narrowly missing my LSU purple Coach purse.  NOW, I am going to be late and call to warn my team to start without me.  I pull in the driveway, leave my phone ringing in the truck and rush into the house to find the wallet and get a towel to clean up the mess.  First bathroom, no towels.  The second has so many, that when I pull out a beach towel, the whole stack spills onto the floor.  Darn, I just organized all that a few days ago.  Finally, wallet and towel in hand, I am out the door and on my way.  I was only 30 minutes late for my meeting.  Not so bad, all things considered.  Once I got to the meeting site, I pulled out my Zentangle supplies and started working on my Diva Challenge tile for the week as I listened.  By the time I had finished the tile, my focus was back and the day went on as planned.

I called my friend to share the mornings antics and let her know I have a new respect for her cup holder obsession.  We laugh together and I wonder why my husband didn’t have the good sense to tell me about something as important as his crummy cup holder when he warned me about a 3 second lag for reverse.  I mean, where are his priorities!