“Don’t live small. Live big.” Linda V. Allred

These words keep replaying in my mind as go about addressing the various challenges before me this week and plain old daily living.  I attended a workshop at The Red Shoes presented by Linda V. Allred on the power of the subconscious mind.  She is a great speaker with a passion for life and paying her own gifts forward through her work as a certified hypnotist and wellness coach for women.  A philosophy closely aligned with my own  decision to teach Zentangle.  She shared her story and her profound belief that we have a power within us to achieve so much more – proclaiming “Don’t live small.  Live big.”  Wow, such a simple statement, yet very profound.  I quickly jotted it down – not wanting to lose that thought.

I have been giving that short statement a lot of attention in the last few days.  How do I use that to be better?  Certainly, there is always room for improvement and growth. Linda also used the metaphor of driving through life with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake. For me lately, this has been a little niggle that hovers at the edges of my mind telling me things aren’t quite right, but I can’t define the issue. I believe happiness is a state of mind. Some people have a natural affinity for finding the positive in every situation and others have to work a bit harder and consciously choose to be happy.  Even as a young girl, I recognized the power of my thoughts and regularly used positive affirmations and visualization to achieve my goals.  Somehow, I misplaced those habits over the past several years.  It’s time to welcome back those old habits – they were good for me.  This time they will be added to my tangle time.  Hopefully, the positive thoughts will guide my pen as I continue on my tangled quest for tranquility.  Thanks, Linda, for the reminder to live big.