I’ve had an interesting week where my past, present and future have jostled around in my thoughts.  My daughter’s upcoming wedding has been at the forefront of my mind as we secured the florist and attempted to give him an idea of what our Bride wanted.  She isn’t as set as you might imagine  Her only hard rule is no red roses.  In fact, she left a very stunned florist as she stood up and announced she had to be back at work having never discussed the church or reception decorations.  “My mom can decide all that, I trust her completely.”  Wow, a lot of responsibility for a woman who isn’t really into all that stuff – but then, neither is our Bride.  This is one more way my girls are different.  Her sister loves all things associated with weddings.  If she ever gets tired of nursing, she could be happy planning weddings for a living.

One thing has been nagging at me as we begin to tackle the small details of this wedding.  I was asked to design the invitations and have most of this done, but nothing so far that was truly unique to the couple.  I had done the artwork for our oldest daughter’s wedding program and they were very specifically designed to fit her.  But, as I said, the girls are very different and nothing has come to mind for her.  Finally, I suggested a wedding logo made up their combined initials to be used on the favors and save the date cards.  Bride and Groom loved the idea and I was off and running.  Of course, the final result is Zentangle inspired.

Ah, but what of weeping guitars?  My husband and I relived our courtship days this weekend.  Would you believe it has been 35 years since Peter Frampton released his platinum album Frampton Comes Alive!  We purchased VIP tickets and drove over three hours in a terrible thunderstorm to attend his concert in Biloxi.  This was our first time to see him live and we were both blown away!  Peter Frampton performed for almost three hours, playing the entire original album and finishing with an incredible version of When My Guitar Gently Weeps that brought the audience to their feet.  What a way to finish the week!