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“Fear stops a lot of people. Fear of failure, of the unknown, of risk.  And it masks itself as procrastination.”  Lisa Anderson

Week 1 and 2

I’ve been absent from my blog for a very long time.  Many upheavals in our home life over the past couple of years has sidelined my “writing muse.”  To quote John Lennon “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” I’m happy to say we have adjusted to the changes, embraced them and are looking forward to a great year ahead for our family.

Our once empty nest is now pretty full. Our two teenaged grandchildren now live with us and are thriving.  Said children come with pets, so we are now up to five dogs in the house.  Yes, five – three mini-schnauzers and two cairn terriers.  For long time followers who remember our bride, she gifted us with a new granddaughter in May!  A new baby after a 14-year gap – we are so excited.  After nearly forty years in his chosen industry, my husband found his dream job and loves what he does.

As for me, I’ve changed job titles a couple of times, but still work for the same great company.  I logged a lot of travel miles for them last year and it looks like more of the same for 2016.  I’ve been teaching around my local area. Sadly, my studio, The Wren’s Nest, was a casualty of the personal upheavals. It now shares space with my work office, but I still think of it as the Wren’s Nest.  I still speak regularly as an advocate for safe driving and spoke to my granddaughter’s classmates recently about the impacts of distracted driving.  My latest new adventure is to sign on as a consultant for Rodan+Fields.  I’ve used their skin care for quite a while and it’s the best ever for specific skin concerns and anti aging.  My face went from super dry with cystic acne breakouts to completely foundation free in about 6 months.  I’d love to have you as a preferred customer or business partner.  Take a look.

Through it all, I have been tangling – how else would I relax?  Last year, a group of CZT’s decided to select a word of the year.  The idea was to create a journal for 2015 guided by our word and the prompts posted by the group each week.  My word was and still is, FEARLESS, thus the quote for today’s post. When I saw that quote as I was trying to find my word, it resonated with me and I knew that was it.  So many times, when you really look at why you can’t seem to move forward, the very heart of the situation is fear. The journal languishes unfinished, but the word remains with me.  I would encourage you to find your own word and follow where it leads you

Thank you all for waiting out my dry spell and I hope you enjoy some of the work I’ve done while I’ve been living life outside the plan.


June 13 _03 “But God really did bless me, you know? He really said, All right. Come on. I’m still waiting for you. Get over here. Get over here.” Liza Minnelli 

It’s been an interesting few weeks filled with travel, work, life, an anniversary and my annual round of medical tests and doctor visits.  Much of it has been pretty ordinary with a few surprises along the way.  More about those surprises in a bit.

My husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary this year.  It’s hard to believe it’s really been that long.  He was offshore this year and I took some time to put together a nice post for Facebook that day.  As I scrolled through all the photos I have in digital format, I was struck by how few pictures exist of the two of us.  Especially in the early days of our marriage and there’s nothing from when we dated.  Considering the wealth of images available of my daughter and her husband, we seemed like real slackers.  But as I pondered this, I remembered something very important.  We came from the era of FILM.  You had to buy it, usually fairly inexpensive, but then you had to bring it somewhere (or mail it in) to be developed. Developing was always an expensive proposition and we were pretty poor in those early years.  Nor were our families big picture takers either – once again the expense was problematic.  What little money we did have to spare for those things focused on capturing our children.  The other thing that struck me was just much I change my hairstyle.  I tell people all the time that I am a poor candidate for tattoos because I can’t even settle on a hairstyle for longer than a few months.  I now have visible proof of that fact – at least a twenty year span of photos with no hairstyle the same.  A good many of the comments about the photos were about my ever-changing hairstyles.   I believe it’s mostly because I get bored, but maybe I’m really very vain.  After all, I am a Southern woman.  My husband pretty much looks the same.  After all, he’s a Southern man.

Surprises have been good and not so good.  After eight years with the same company, an incredible opportunity for a new job came knocking on my husband’s door.  Within a week, the deal was done and he’s very excited to start on this new adventure next week.  I am so happy to see him this excited about his work.  After 38 years of work in his field, that really is a rare thing. 

On the not so good side of the coin, there was a bit of unexpected news from all those routine medical tests.  Something was found on my mammogram.  Additional tests this week revealed a “cluster” and a referral to a breast surgeon next week.  Nurse daughter doesn’t like what she’s hearing and baby daughter is outraged that there is “no sense of urgency” from anyone. My granddaughter says it’s time to get busy with Zentangle. I’m taking the view that whatever is there won’t change in the next week and if it is bad, it’s very early stage.  I am choosing to embrace my quote for this week and know that God has blessed me, really he has. 

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!
~Author Unknown

Our family has much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  We will all be together this year – plus our new family member.  We’ll eat too much, talk too much, make a big mess and maybe get started decorating the tree after supper.  Surely we’ll reminisce on Thanksgivings past and good times together.  We will laugh together, watch a bit of football and glory in LSU’s undefeated season as we head into the Battle for the Boot on Friday.  And we’ll give thanks for the blessings we enjoy throughout the year.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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