“God is in the details.”  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

This is one of my favorite quotes, first introduced to me in design school.  I often get caught up in details, but believe the extra effort always makes the difference.  We are still waiting for the “official” photos from the wedding, but I thought I would share a few captured by various friends and family along with the details that contributed to an absolutely perfect wedding.

The Zentangle inspired logo I created for the couple became a theme piece used on everything from invitations, to RSVP cards, to favor boxes and the program.  Favor boxes were filled with my homemade caramel and Tiger magnets (again made by me) with the couple’s name and the date.  I was even able to find paper to wrap the caramel that resembled the Mooka background on the logo (I usually use clear cellophane)  My candy wrappers hated the paper because it was difficult to use and hard on the fingers, but everyone agreed it was worth the end result.  Extras were used to fill clear glass serving bowls at the reception.  Lest you think I was the only “artist” contributing to this event, take a look at the Bride’s earrings and her sister’s Bridesmaid necklace.  I have a wonderful friend, Karen Firnberg, who is a very talented bead artist.  She took the belt worn with the wedding dress and designed these fabulous earrings especially for Katrina.  Light as a feather despite the way they look, they were not only gorgeous, but comfortable to wear as well.  Karen also made every bridesmaid necklace, Katrina’s gift to each of them and a big hit.  You can see more of Karen’s artistry on her blog.

Kim and I left the next day for a much-needed vacation – even before the ecstatic couple left for their honeymoon in Jamaica.  We didn’t go anywhere that exotic, but enjoyed every minute we spent in the Branson, Missouri area.  We lucked out and caught the leaves at the peak of their change.  The scenery was stunning.  The people were all so warm and friendly.  This was our first trip to the area but won’t be our last.  We were surprised to meet so many Louisiana folks – they were drawn to my LSU shirts.  I had to show my support since we were gearing up for the big Bama game that week.  This was our de-stress trip after the weeks of wedding prep and for me, the stress of my job change.  I did lots of tangling.  I am near completing nine-tile, prestrung set.  Just two more to go.  Plus a few others.

It’s amazing the difference it makes to commit yourself turning it all off.  I didn’t bring any work or even my work phone with me.  I had a big meeting a couple of days after I got back.  One of my new team mates was in town for the meeting and had been at the training meetings I attended just a couple of days before the wedding.  When I walked in, he told me I looked like I had shed 50 lbs. of stress since the last time he saw me.  I didn’t think it showed and lots of people who knew me better thought I appeared uncommonly calm in those days leading up to the wedding.  All things considered, I was.  But clearly the strain shows.  Yet another reason to keep on tangling – I need all the help I can get as I move further into my 50’s!