“The flower that follows the sun does so even in cloudy days.”  ~Robert Leighton

I love sunflowers.  They remind me of happy, smiling faces surrounded by sunshine.  After I got married and had my first child, I thought it would be fun for us to grow sunflowers.  Having never seen sunflowers outside of photos or from the florist, I was not prepared for what sprouted.  The things just grew and grew and grew with nary a bud to be seen anywhere.  They grew like weeds and looked like them too.  Soon it became apparent I would need stakes for these giants.  This was about the time my 2-year-old daughter lost interest in the project.  She was looking for flowers and my tall, gangly stems were not very promising, nor very pretty.  In the end, I finally got a few puny blooms that bore little resemblance to those happy faces I love so much.  Maybe it was the variety, but most likely it was my famously abysmal gardening skills.  Now I stick to the ones you buy – instant gratification and a splash of sunshine to brighten even the darkest corner of the house.

The Diva Challenge for this week was to incorporate the logo from The Sunflower Fund.  This organization was founded in 1999 to support the Bone Marrow Registry in South Africa for leukemia patients.  Such an appropriate choice of name and logo for this cause.  By the time a leukemia patient requires a bone marrow transplant, they truly need the sunshine and happiness the sunflower represents to brighten their days.  I had fun with these tiles.  More than once, I thought maybe my representation should be more abstract.  But the lure of the sunflower was much too strong.  So here they are, fully recognizable as those cheerful blooms – my sunflowers.