“As in nature, as in art, so in grace; it is rough treatment that gives souls, as well as stones, their luster.” Thomas Guthrie

I have often referred to my use of Zentangle as a favorite tool to manage stress and work my way through assorted life challenges.  That has never been more true as I wrestled with a problem over the past couple of weeks.  Sometimes, we find ourselves on the wrong side of shabby treatment by someone we consider a friend.  These situations offer ways for us to shine along with lots of places to exhibit just how childish an adult can become.  I was at one of these crossroads and needed to find a resolution that would allow me to feel good about my own conduct.  I hold myself to some pretty high standards, so for the most part, I am able to rise above these situations and act graciously.  Not so this time.  My inner child really wanted to throw a humdinger of a tantrum in protest of the injustice.

I started the Diva Challenge early this week.  The paradox of straight line string with curvy tangles and curvy strings with straight line tangles turned out to be a lot of fun.  I had one of each done by Tuesday morning.  By the end of the day Tuesday, I had been on the phone for eight hours straight and found myself with a huge new, rushed project on my plate that I have no idea how I will manage.  And then came the call that put the cherry on that stress sundae, confirmation that I had a relationship in the ditch and headed for the bayou.  Trying to shed the problems of the day, I sat in my favorite chair to relax and realized that just wasn’t going to happen.  What to do?? What to do??  What to do?? I thought about starting a new tile, but just couldn’t find it in me.  Then I spied the tiles I had “completed” earlier.  Without really thinking, I picked up my pen and kept going.  Very slowly and very deliberately, stroke by stroke.  As my mind finally quieted, the path was clear and precise for me.  Not easy, but the right thing to do.  I took a look at the tile and realized I had thrown the Diva Challenge out the window, but that’s okay.   Friendships are too valuable to squander and worth the sacrifice.  There’s always another tile.